Website Introduction and purpose

Genius advice Q and A

Genius advice or answer by experts

This is a platform for All Professionals where they can attend lot of question as per his expertise and if they are facing any issue then lot of expert will be here to answer your question.

As this is new website and launched in the  month is Aug 2017. Some part  or section of website you can see later like posting new blogs post ,polls etc

Purpose of the website is to provide you best solution as best answer option of your issues. There are lot of categories exist in the question and answer section. If you are fresher and looking for new job then you can get relevant interview question and answers.

Information technology is the main area to include in this site but we are covering lot of other topics and categories.

After joining the website  you can start contribution for contents in Question and answer section you will start earning point s. We are bringing Prize section in future and based on the collected point we will distribute prizes to our members or contributors.

As its startup many more things to come  so its your turn to collect more points and learn and earn from here.

I hope most of the Professions will attend and contribute to make our mission successful.

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